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Friday, August 23, 2002
More on Islam

Jon Eisenman agrees with me when he says that "forced reading of [the New Testament] would cause uproar among atheists, ACLU members, and other unsavories." Then isn't it a little confusing when these "unsavories" don't make a sound when UNC assigns the Koran? Are some religious texts more equal than others?

However Jon, I don't disagree with you. In fact, I definately believe that understanding and learning about Islam is necessary for Americans today. We are fighting a war against people who use Islam to justify their actions. We clearly need to understand their ideology - it is foolish and dangerous not to. But, I don't think American Universities are actually doing that. Like I said before, instead of worrying about how terrorists use Islam to justify 9/11, Academia is worried about Americans ill-treating and misrepresenting Islam. The former is clearly a greater threat and problem than the latter. This is why translations of the Koran used by such Academics omit embarassing scriptures that may give us the "wrong" idea. If we are to truly learn about our enemy's ideology, we will have to look to someplace other than the multicultural fantasy lands inhabited by University professors. The weakening of academia that Jon talks about is now not just a matter of standards in education. It is dangerous.