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Friday, August 30, 2002
Kill, Kill, Kill...Kill the White Man

I'm with Vijay as pretains to Excuse me? (see below). To invest in ventures such as that outlined in "Abolish the White Race" is indicative of the fact that, initially meritorious or not, this deconstruction-mania has gone ad absurdum, ad nauseum, and seemingly ad infinitum. There are enough relevant projects to be undertaken to genuinely better our society that the academy isn't fulfilling its mandate by wasting time with this nonsense. I weep for the future when I see a trend in this line of thinking, which makes everything into a cornucopia of obtuse and absurd observations whilst people merrily starve to death, slaughter one another en masse, and destroy the environment that sustains us. If the people who want to "Abolish the White Race" want to deconstruct something useful, they should start by ripping up their article; it's a waste of paper.