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Friday, August 30, 2002
In the July 1, 2002 edition of the Nation, Richard Goldstein writes in his article "Attack of the Homocons", " and lesbian commentary in America is skewed sharply to the right. It's as if the press had designated a foe of affirmative action like Ward Connerly to be the spokesman for his race." Goldstein suggests in this asinine statement that supporting affirmative action is the equivalent to being pro-black liberation. He also suggests that to be against affirmative action is to be anti-black and that anyone who does not support affirmative action can not represent his race. Some freinds of mine echoed this sentiment when I told them that my freind Anthony is a part of the Women of Color Collective. They were annoyed because Anthony has developed some (philosophically) conservative sympathies which theorectically, at least, mitigates his concern for issues of de-racialization.

Should being a minority cause one to symphathize with leftist/ progressive methods of ensuring "justice?" Is being a gay conservative, a female conservative, a black conservative, or conservative feminist anti-thethical to the "liberation of the oppressed?" Can "conservatives" care about the big issues of race, class and gender? Comments will be appreciated by all.