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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Gender and Women's Studies

Tim, it is clear that when the Women's Studies department makes the "analysis of the construction of gender" it's main focus, it has changed direction significantly from where it started. Originally devoted to studying the contributions of women to human history and artistic achievement, it has now degenerated into a discussion of how the phallocracy has constructed gender to keep women in the kitchen. This endeavor is not scholarly in the least. It is in fact a means for professors to use their pulpit to spout political beliefs as if they are the truth. Students lap it up, and then go on to deconstruct everything from National Defence to masturbation. The goal of Women's Studies today is not to include the works of women in the canon, but rather to convert students to a political ideology that questions everything "constructed" by society (ie. men). It is this trend that I object to.