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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I hope everyone was as pleased as I was to read Jon Eisenman's response to my previous post. I'm afraid I must apologize to him for attacking the straw man of uber-leftism, unfortunately I am far too accustomed fighting that battle here with the Party members of the People's Republic of Massachusetts."[Eisenman wants American forces] deployed against terrorists hiding within the boundaries of our "allies" in the Middle East, clandestinely and unilaterally." I cannot agree more. As to my statement regarding the intelligence community, let me clarify: there is a flaw when anyone outside of a very small circle of people attempts to criticize or to even commend the clandestine goings on of the CIA/NSA/Special Ops forces because by their very nature, I feel there is not enough information made public to make such opinions truly robust. Nevertheless, it is my hope that there is indeed a large scale black operations campaign currently being pursued by our government (possibly in conjuction with our British allies) that is seeking out and destroying terrorist cells where ever they may be---and that all of this war with Iraq foolishness may be a red-herring to distract the world's attention. (OK, that last part is probably wishful thinking.)