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Friday, August 30, 2002
Diversity in the Faculty

An editorial in today's Wall Street Journal highlights the lack of ideological diversity among college professors. The editorial cites a recent damning report by The American Enterprise magazine that shows the complete dominance of left-wing ideology among professors at many top institutions. (Andrew Grossman discussed this report over on Dartlog earlier this week).

Choice quote from the Journal's editorial:

"That this lack of faculty diversity eludes university administrators is especially interesting given the totality of their efforts to re-order all other aspects of campus life based on that principle. In the name of this cardinal value, administrators target groups for recruitment, shape curricula, designate some sports for funding in the name of gender equity while cutting others, and so much more. It's virtually impossible to imagine any university president delivering a major address not saturated with references to diversity and his or her own allegiance thereto."

I wonder what Jim Wright has to say about this.