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Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama, MIA in West Virginia and Kentucky

I’m sorry Obama, but is it that you just can’t be bothered? What else can explain your M.I.A. status in West Virginia and Kentucky. Yes you needed to show a sign of strength. The rock star moment in the house was a nice touch, I think we can all appreciate the theater in that. And kudos on your excellent small crowd townhall on the economy, education and the war in Iraq in Beaverton Portland. You are introducing yourself to people and making use of local television, awesome. This is how you win in liberal Pac Northwest states where Independents are going to be most likely to switch to you.

But get your ass into West Virginia and Kentucky right the hell now! This is a huge blunder. There’s the potential that these white voters will not vote for you because you are black but make an effort for everyone. It’s not going to change their minds about you. It will change the minds of millions of Clinton supporters in other states who need reassurances that you care about them, and with a quickness.

Also there needs to be a serious Obama and the press situation where Obama publicly calls on his supporters to reach out to Clinton supporters in order to unite the party. You are going to run on changing politics, then this is an excellent opportunity to do that. You have a voter registration drive and energized volunteers. Operation Care for Hillary supporters will launch you among the women vote and get some sensitive husbands too. If you can get all the women in the country voteing for you then you have a major chance. Just as black women would’ve been more easily brought into the fold, the same is true for white women. Sisterhood moves both ways even if there are serious social gaps between them. Single moms alone could change this election. So Obama needs to think women, women, women. Appealing to women Clinton supporters, talking about issue women care about. You’re gonna get the liberal men and the black men and the white men under 33. Maybe you can’t get men back. But you can get women back. Make that a priority and you’ll solve this “irreparable damange.” Be impractical about gender and you could throw it away.