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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Good News For the Dartmouth Observer

ChienWen and I wanted to extend a hearty welcome to our newest co-blogger: Kwame Holmes. Kwame is also an intellectual based in Chicago. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in History at the University of Illinois. Soon, he'll send me his "blurb" and I'll put it on the side with the rest of us.

In addition to his impressive command of many subjects social, cultural, and historical, Kwame is a proud part of the Obama demographic and is here to "balance" Observer coverage (read: opining) about the upcoming American presidential and congressional elections. I doubt, however, that his contributions will be limited to jousting over the best leader for the 'free world' and will include many of his reflections on social power, social movements, and politically-salient and ordering identities (in America).

And, in other positive news, Tina Fey (of SNL) has a great skit about Sen. Hillary Clinton, "Bitch is the New Black."