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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Weekend News Roundup- Sunday Edition

Reset your clocks an hour back if you haven't yet!

(1) Bouncing back from these latest series of disaster will not be easy for the Bush administration. The Washington Post makes a convincing argument to that effect. See my argument here on the particular difficulties of Bush domestically after Miers.

(2) Tranisitioning war leaders, partisan groups, and terrorist parties into a nonviolent political process can be difficult. One the main tools the current regime has is the trial of Hussein as an attempt to demonize him and shore up its legitimacy. Each constituency brings a different agenda to the table. In Iraq the prize, at the moment, is leverage in the post-war state. The Sunnis have recently begun to prepare for elections; but why? Are they tactical democrats or truly reformed? Will they end the insurgency?

The other former terrorist group, that has been remarkably quiet since the democratic process began, is the Kurds whose anti-Hussien terrorism is well know. It seems like they've begun to carve up a section of Northern Iraq for their own state. The "Kurdish political leaders said the repatriations are designed to correct the policies of ousted President Saddam Hussein, who replaced thousands of Kurds in the region with Arabs from the south. The Kurdish parties have seized control of the process, they said, because the Iraqi government has failed to implement an agreement to return Kurdish residents to their homes." The fight over the city, Kirkuk, could be the next Bleeding Kansas. The Washington Post has the details.

(3) Bush makes the case for staying in Iraq in USA Today. Iraq is going to be a problem given logistical issues.

(4) In the face of a Security Council resolution, Syria launches an internal probe to investigate the murder of a Lebanese prime minister. The Boston Globe reports.