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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Weekend News Roundup- Saturday Edition

There are not a lot of new news stories, but here are the highlights.

(1) Libby's indictment, and the continuing investigation, while not formally implicating the vice-president, does keep the matter close to his office. And since I heard from some people who have been working in Washington recently that the Office of the Vice President has been the most ardent about opposing the torture amendment, and the most vociferous in granting the CIA the right to torture, I'm hoping he goes down. The Seattle Times provides the details. The Washington Post writes about the Vice-President and torture here.

(2) Nelson Mandela produces a comic book about his life. The Scotsman reports.

(3) Japan is attempting the amend its pacifist constitution, which currently renounces the use of force as a means to settle disputes and forbids Japanese possession of land, sea, and air forces, to state that war is illegal but that Japan can have security forces for self-defense. Since they already have a military, it's basically amending the law to come to terms with current practice. MSN-Mainchi Daily News has the report.

(4) A moment of silence for Rosa Parks. And a statement we can all agree to: May all in America who lack civil rights be granted those rights with all deliberate speed. The Washington Post Op/ed pages offer a toast to judicial activism. If you believe in judicial restraint, see my post on gay rights here. If you believe in originalism or conservative readings of the Constitutional text, see my post on that here.