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Thursday, September 30, 2004
SELF-PROMOTION: Hey, it's yet another blog.

SNARKSMITH: a blog covering the latest in Pop Culture, Literature, Art, Politics, Etc.

Of the billions of websites on the Internet these days, only a few hundred million are devoted to our brand of urbane scribbling.

Let's see... If you're feeling charitable in the manner of a Miramax sales pitch, you might say we're an Arts & Letters Daily meets Andrew Sullivan meets Gawkeresque phenomenon. You know, sui generis in that established winning formula kind of way. Less charitable in the manner of Zagat's during Restaurant Week: "If 'taste' is not a 'consideration,' you could do a lot 'worse' than this murky Irish stew of indefinite 'ingredient'; strange and 'forbidding' at first, but made with just enough 'concern for human consumption,' not to 'kill' you."

Such hot bloggable topics include:

-- Does New York City need a convention center or a declaration of independence?

-- What's Billy Bragg's postpunk English music got to do with Colin MacInnes' postwar English fiction?

-- Is Dale Peck hacking away at the ramparts of good criticism or giving great hermeneutic?

-- Howard Zinn's limbic populism: Destroying the study of American history or what?

From Michael Moore's lowest common denominator to Kingsley Amis and Philip Larkin's highest uncommon literary friendship... From Kurdish rights to James Woodish insights... From the window to the wall / 'Til the sweat... well, you know the rest.

Snarksmith: (ahem) a link-and-fisk boullaibaise everyone should sample at least twice at the cyber-planetary potluck.


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