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Monday, June 28, 2004
So What's interesting in This Wide World

I will tell you. Pride before Patriotism. And if you think that I am coming up with some sort of cliche, I'm not. Since I am down in Princeton, we get the news of NYC a little more readily.

Last weekend, there were the Pride Marches all over NYC. A group of us here were watching the Fox New's coverage of pride (it was, sadly enough, limited to the normal-looking people and banners on gay marriage). Rumor has it that Prof. Butler has a piece in the Nation on what the gay civil rights movement should, and shouldn't be, focusing on. Her argument is, from what I've heard, is that gay marriage isn't it. I'll read it and get back to you with some 'expert' commentary. But did any of our readers out there go to pride? I'd love to hear about it.

This weekend is the 4th of July. This is the weekend where we get to reflect on where we have come from as a nation and where we are going. From those ancient founding, the noble and problematic political constitution began in the aftermath of a war of independence and a failed confederation. Through many trials, tribulations and triumphs we arrive today (the shortest history lesson ever) emerged in multiple struggles for recognitions, rights, and access. International capitalism and transnational market society has shrunk the borders of the world, bringing all the peoples of the worlds, with their cultures, problematics and concerns into the realm of the immediate world through immigration and asylum. The main question that we should have for ourselves, as participants and shapers of this modern democracy, is: are the policies, attitudes, and values of this nation (from the behavior of tourists to the policies of the current administration) consistent with *both* the inchoate universalism of the founding and the enlightenment that came from the various social, legal, and political projects to realize this inchoate inclusivity? If your answer to that is "no", then what can you do, in the now, to make a step in that direction?

Pride before Patriotism