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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Mark Steyn's Letter of the Week

Daniel Deasy from Ireland writes:

I'm probably not your average reader, being a nineteen-year-old Irish undergraduate, but I feel that my opinion holds great weight in general, and need your sage advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed your articles in the Telegraphs and the Speccie for a number of years now, having been introduced at a tender and malleable age to the Great British Right-wing press by a sinister but well-meaning uncle. I don't find your articles in the least bit offensive or extreme, which probably has to do with my not being a neo-Ghandian anarcho-Bolshevik, like many of my school fellows. In fact I feel that you may be restraining yourself. The main reason I write (if that's the correct word, type maybe) is to ask you how you cope with the constant abuse, loss of friends, social rejection and socio-moral indignation that comes with having sensible conservative opinions, and not hating all things American... I was dating a beautiful Swedish girl not long ago, and one morning she started on about feminism. I'd love to say that I immediately jumped up and left, as a matter of principle, but the truth is she was hot and I tried to keep stumm, nodding furiously and smiling all strained like. I eventually cracked and accidentally mentioned Margaret Thatcher, as an example of a woman I respected, I think, and haven't seen her since (the Swede, that is.) I just can't help it. What do you do?

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