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Thursday, February 26, 2004
Harold Bloom vs. Naomi Wolf: the feminists react

The Guardian has a list of quotations from prominent feminists on Naomi Wolf's recent allegation that Harold Bloom molested her 20 years ago. Says one Lynne Segal, a professor of psychology and gender studies at Birkbeck College:

Bloom is such a big, powerful figure that I'm sure he has very little to worry about. He loves to attack feminists, he is one of the leaders of the backlash against feminism and the feminist readings of the canon. He is a conservative influence trying to preserve the world as it was, before minority groups had a voice.
Notice, first of all, the intellectual dishonesty involved in making the shift from accusing Bloom of being anti-feminist to being anti-minority (i.e. racist). Then consider the countervailing evidence that suggests Bloom may very well be just what Segal thinks he isn't: a feminist:

Feminism as a stance calling for equal rights, equal education, equal pay—no rational, halfway decent human being could possibly disagree with this. But what is called feminism in the academies seems to be a very different phenomenon indeed.
So much for Bloom's supposed desire to "preserve the world as it was, before minority groups had a voice." How does one "preserve the world as it was" and not "as it is," by the way?

Segal should drop the intellectual theorizing and just speak her mind like Julie Burchill does about Camille Paglia:

I think Paglia is a frustrated, jealous bitch, whose star is very much on the wane and who has always wanted to fuck Wolf. And, of course, she could barely pull a skunk without money changing hands, she's so disgusting. And that's my considered opinion on the matter.