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Friday, January 23, 2004
Art criticism, D-style

While I agree with Barry Hashimoto '06 that the paintings in the Upper Jewett Corridor in the Hop shouldn't be removed simply because they offend some people, I'm more than a little perplexed by his attempt at art criticism.

He writes, "Art is a genuine expression of human perception, despite the ramifications it might incur." Erh, right on. What would be a non-genuine expression of human perception then? What is art? Then comes what must surely be the most bizarre line I've ever read in The D: "An indigenous American Indian may object to a window with a crucifix in it, just as a Cambodian once turned into an ox might object to socialist murals." Is this some reference to Buddhism? What does that have to do with a Cambodian's objection to socialism?? And finally, "Perceptions of common decency vary from culture to culture, and rest on collective experience. Art can project that perception, but it also can be singular, unique." The New Criterion should hire this guy immediately.