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Sunday, December 14, 2003
Whither the insurgency?

Josh Chafetz believes that the capture of Saddam

is basically the death knell for the opposition. With Saddam gone, the locals should be less afraid of turning the guerillas in -- there was clearly fear among many that Saddam would return to power and punish those who had aided the coalition. Saddam's capture will also make it harder for the guerillas to recruit any new members, and at least some current members may well decide to give up and try to blend back into civilian life. Finally, today's pictures of Saddam looking pathetic are not likely to win his cause any converts.

Yes - true, true - but what about the Islamist as opposed to Baathist opposition?

Update: Jed Babbin writes on NRO that the capture may transform "a brewing ethnic civil war to one of Iraq and the Coalition against external forces."