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Saturday, November 01, 2003
Would the author care to clarify?

Sarah Morton on Lady-Likely: "It reminds me of endless debates in literature and theory over *why* a woman or other member of a marginalized group wrote or expressed what s/he did. Of course, everything in a culture affects all the people in it, even if just by limiting or increasing each person's exposure to different ideas and tropes, and you can find that in the product of anyone's expression. But it's interesting that so often that is the principal mode of exploration/axplanation (I am guilty of this) - I don't think it's bad, I think it's indicative... marginalized identities affect not only what we write/create, but every iteration of its interpretation. That's why all the products of the culture wars in universities are "interdisciplinary" departments. feminism, etc. are modes of interpretation - but the texts they interpret are not designed solely as feminist - they are pieces of writing, art, science... sometimes not feminist at all... the interpretations recreate them and interpellate them in the mode of the interpretation."