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Thursday, April 03, 2003
Re: A Question for the Anti-War Left !
Chien Wen: why don't we invade China, Tibet, Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Congo, etc. in order to stop human rights abuses and build democracy in places where the Human Rights violations can be much worse than what is currently going on in Iraq (by currently, I mean before the war started and not 10 years ago). If not by force, how do propose the liberate them? (Maybe now you might see some reason why a question "How, if not by force, should Saddam's regime be prevented from murdering its own people?" isn't always taken too seriously, as if it was a knock down argument. It needs more subtlety and does not just demand the answer Chien Wen think it does. Can Chien Wen start explaining why he doesn't (or why if he does) support intervention in each of the cases above? I suspect I could use some of his reasons to say not Iraq... Plus... people are distrustful that administration will (or even wants to) rebuild Iraq such that it can be a thriving, functioning democracy on that the war can be supported on those terms.)