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Sunday, March 09, 2003

I would just like to clarify for some of my fellow amatuers in the 'Greater Dartmouth Blogosphere' that the phrase is 'unemcumbered by knowledge.'

I was wondering two things. The first has to do with Mearsheimer. Is realism a constructive outlook through which to analyze the behaviour of nations? Are nations necessarily trying to maximize their position in the international system (Mearsheimer's offensive realist proposition) or if you follow the other school of realism, trying to maintain their position in the system? It seems intuitive that nations at war would believe in the dictum 'For every neck, there are two hands to choke it.' (Think Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict for example.) How about nations who are not necessarily at war?

The second question(s) have to do with the Free Press and the Review which have recently come out. Laura wrote an interesting piece on Women's Studies in the academy and I was wondering what people's thoughts were on that. Concerning the Review, what did people think of Larry's article 'Open Season on the Review'? Anyone honest has to admit that it is chic to make fun of the Review in polite circles to increase one's stature. However, did I criticize the Review because I misunderstood its mission ( a newspaper first and a conservative voice second) or was my criticism justified becase 1. The Review is actually going downhill and 2. those who run it are not real conservatives. I will clarify what my criticism was supposed to mean as soon as I can find another copy of the newspaper.