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Sunday, October 06, 2002
I note, with chagrin, that my name has been removed from the list of authors merely because I requested my email address be removed. This is a highly unsatisfactory arrangement (that is, myself not being included as a contributor), and one that I hope will soon be rectified by the powers that be.

I also note, however, that while my name may have been removed, my posts have not. I think in my last few posts I have more than satisfactorily addressed (without, in fact, adequate response) John's Question #1 below. I am sorry if Mr. Stevenson doesn't like the response, but I think the onus is now on him to continue the debate. If I recall correctly, the last pertinent remarks on the question of the UN were made by Laura Dellatorre and myself.

While I'm blogging again, I'd also like to look at John's Question #5. It is most certainly a pointed question - a) does the school strengthen student's moral character and b) what are the attitudes toward religion among students and staff. A thinly veiled line has been drawn connecting moral character and religion, and so I think the answer I will provide will be unsatisfactory to the inquistor who framed the question. The school certainly cares somewhat about the moral character of its students, and in fact offers many "character building" experiences for them. Does the school care about religion? The school is indifferent toward religion. It has provided facilities for the free exercise thereof, and that is all the caring that is necessary. If the suggestion is being made that people should receive religious indoctrination as part of their moral education, something is rotten in the Town of Hanover, aside from (and including) the water.

Now if the gentle reader will excuse me, I am off to gripe about the damage I did to my vehicle today while spreading the good word throughout the Upper Valley. I can look forward to big industry milking me for the cost of repairing my car.