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Sunday, October 06, 2002
Classes, it seems, have knocked us all for a loop. Later today, hopefully, I will provide my summary/analysis of the the Race Matters Conference, each of the "distinguished" panelists, and reply to Tim's reality check. Am I crying racist to often? or have I just become tired of the lies and deception? As a rational, thinking person, there is only some much racism, race-ism, and good ol' wrong-headedness that I can take and remain sane. However, I still have homework to do so I will be back later.

Here is a summary of some of the questions that were asked and never adressed (along with some new ones):
1. How long should the US tolerate the UN? How long should Israel tolerate the UN?
2. Is diversity, and the progressive forms of racial social justice, a form of racism and if not a form of racism, then a form of paternalism?
3. Is Daniel Pipes' Campus Watch a form of McCartyism and intimidation?
4. Is this statement true: Conservative perspectives on issues of gender tend to have the preservation or recentering of traditional family values at their core in ways which directly (or indirectly) bolster sexist attitudes and behaviors. Definitions of conservative and "sexism" welcome.
5. "Does the school (not just Dartmouth but any you are familiar with) attempt to strengthen the student's moral and ethical character? What is the attitude towards religion among students and staff? Are you happy with the education you are receiving?"
6. The eternal question of Ethnic and Gender Studies: Are they good or bad for the curriculum and the mind of the student? Corrolary: Should the curriculum be centered around the "Great Books" otherwise called the Western Canon, or does the distrubitive requirement adequately cover this question?
7. What makes a good teacher good? What makes a bad teacher bad? What qualities should we look for in a teacher and are race/class/gender and other such ne0-Marxian identifiers, relevant to this question?
8. Is the lack of intergration among Dartmouth students a problem? (For reference, try The Local Gods)