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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Brent Kesler writes:

John Eisenman asks "Why does only one woman write for the Observer? Food for thought."

I find myself in an interesting state of mind. I haven't followed the Observer as much as I would like in recent weeks, mainly because of my classes. So, I haven't read that much of Mr. Eisenman's work, and haven't yet pigeonholed him into my political spectrum. So I can't quite figure how this food for thought should taste.


So, can I have a hint? Is this a rotten tomato or a tasty burger?

To this I have 3 responses:
1. "Jon," not "John"
2. I would posit that I haven't been pigeonholed yet because although I've been posting to The Observer for a matter of months, not weeks, I tend to espouse viewpoints of both the Left and Right in what perhaps seems an inconsistent manner. To make it easier, though, I am a Democrat by vote, a Shaheen campaign volunteer, and a former (and hopefully future) minion of Senate Democrats.
3. I think that the best questions are the ones to which the expected answers aren't already known.