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Saturday, September 14, 2002
On War and Democracy

As the war with Iraq begins to gather steam and level domestic and international opponents, I must applaud the Bush administration for its clever use of strategy and tactics to make the UN look foolish, bring the British on board, and heed Barak's call (last Spring and in recent op/eds) to end terrorism before it starts. The more I read about the war, the more enthusistaic I become about getting it over and done, due to the massive American amounts of military and civilian casualities that will be incurred. It is also good to see the Right debating the merits of the war and for President Bush to respond to his rightist critics by building a platform that they could support.

Unforturnately we are not old enough to be in the Adminstration at this point to begin drawing up plans for the Civil Adminstration (read: American Occupation) that will govern Iraq after the regime change. Even Ariel Sharon and his Foreign Minister Shimon Peres have vowed to help the American(-UN) attack on Iraq. (Israel is perhaps our best ally now; Sharon has quieted the territories for about 4-6 weeks now with mostly military casualties only. Even in the midst of his own war, they have pledge to help us. A tear comes to my eye at a democratic ally that I can finally be proud of unlike say the French, the South Africans (who called the upcoming attack on Iraq 'racist') or the Germans.)

I encourage all of you to listen to President's Speech and read some articles:
1."My FellowLefties" by Micheal Shuman (a much better leftist argument that the Chomsky-type rhetoric) and a piece from the Nation by Adam Shantz, which gives me hope that my beloved leftists will moderate their views.
2. The US is working the UN with some good commentary about the UN too. (Tho' there are much better reasons to hate it)
3. And Old favorite: "Can There be a decent Left?" from Dissent and a response
4. Charles Krauthhammer survey's the Republican split on the war