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Thursday, September 12, 2002
The Dartmouth College Greens have posted the following bulletin: "If you're not going to DC for protests, or tabling here on campus, you might want to check out...

We the People Summit For Peace. Dum da dummm!
(in burlington on a saturday at a time when you could get there by bus easily- this is very convenient)
--- ---

Sept 28: We the People Summit for Peace
Ira Allen Chapel, UVM Campus, noon-6:30pm. speakers include Rep Bernie Sanders, Rep Dennis Kucinich (Department of Peace), Dr. Steven Rockerfeller (Earth Charter), Comm Ray McNulty and Nina Meyerhof (Peace Academy), and many others."

After reading the report by the London-based thinktank, the IISS, which in a report suggested that Iraq was only a fissile away from nuclear weapons, my opinion on the need for war changed from "Do we have to?" to "get it over with quick...". Given that Israel's survival is our number one Middle East priority after oil, it would clearly be in our best interest to invade Iraq (before Winter term because I may not be here..) soon. The only question is, and I say this a pro-peace activist, can the US sucessfully, effectively and efficciently rid the world of Sadaam while maintaining all the military forces and manuevers that we are doing now? Bobby Novack thinks we're too stretched. Larry Kudlow thinks that we have more than enough elite commandos postioned, and enough powerful airstrikes going, that we can take him out no problem. Any thoughts on this?