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Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Any nominations?

The Tucker Foundation is in the process of accepting nominations for student
participants for a conference that will take place here at Dartmouth on October
4th and 5th. The conference is entitled "Race Matters in the University of the
21st Century," and is the inaugural event of the Dartmouth College Committee on
Race in the Academy. Committee activities are designed to catalyze a national
debate on issues of whiteness and privilege in the Academy.

I write to request that you nominate one to two students whom you feel have
interest in participating in this conference and will add value to the
discussions. The expectation from student participants is that each will attend
at least one case study report on Friday, October 4th and the Town Meeting on
Saturday, October 5th.

We have reserved space available for 25 student participants. Participants may
be nominated by individuals or organizations, and will be selected on a
first-come first-served basis, with consideration for broad representation from
all class years and gender balance. It is our intention to have diverse
representation within the program participants and hope that you will consider
all racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds
as you make your nominations.

The set of criteria through which we hope to select participants is as follows:
* Demonstrated interest in issues of diversity
* Demonstrated leadership experience or potential for leadership in campus life
* Demonstrated ability to think critically and clearly, specifically in
relation to issues in higher education policy and/or campus community life

Please forward the name(s) of your student nominee(s) to Michael Ricci by
Friday, September 20th, along with one or two sentences describing each nominee.
An example of this description is:

Eleazar Wheelock '04 is a member of the XXXX organization, and has held
leadership positions of YYYY and ZZZZ (or has been a de facto leader in the
following non-traditional ways). Eleazar has demonstrated commitment to a
pluralistic campus and academy through his work with WWWWW.

Nominated students will receive invitations to participate in the conference
early next week.

The following is some basic information on the conference. For more
information, please visit the website at

A focus of this conference will be on ways whiteness and privilege shape
scholarship, curriculum, and selection of faculty within higher education. The
goal of the conference is to develop a set of recommendations to guide
institutional diversity plans, curriculum reform, and faculty hiring nationally.

Friday, October 4, 2002 - Collis Center Common Ground
8:30am Case Study #1: The place of African-American Studies in the
'corporatized' university.
1:30 pm Case Study #2: How Race Matters Enter the Curriculum.
3:30 pm. Case Study # 3: Minority Scholars in the Academy

Saturday morning, October 5, 2002 - Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center
9 am - noon: Town Meeting to discuss crosscutting issues raised by the case

We thank you for your time and consideration in helping us involve Dartmouth
undergraduates in what we hope to be a catalyst for meaningful debate on this
important issue in higher education.