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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Does anyone else believe for just a generation that if we removed racial labels from our everyday speech, policy, and consideration (especially in our enlightened campus and departments) that race as a socialized concept would cease to exist? Am I being really, really niave? Can we not reverse-socialize? Don't we perpetuate the systems of bigotry and privilege (by either side of the color spectrum) if we condone skin color as an actual, and actionable difference among people? Who is with me in abolishing race categories and thought? I am willing to forget that I was ever considered or did I consider myself "of color." Will both color and not color join me?

Put more concretely, if the Johnson family of Detroit and the Brown family of Cambridge are socio-economically identical and are not from any heritage of recent immigration, why do we still think they're different and not just simply Americans? If the answer is "because everyone will perceive and be biased towards them differently", can't we be the first to put a stop to that? Why do we have to use band-aids instead of curing the problem?