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Wednesday, August 28, 2002
"PC" is the attack word of the Right. When disparaging their enemies, terms like "PC" and "soft-headed idealist" are quick to appear. (Not that the Left is any better.) However, there are some very, very PC terms that are en vouge now and are subject to change at any moment. My personal pet peeve is perhaps that the statement: "A man has a right to his life" should now either be: "A man has a right to his or her life" or the grammatically butchered "A person has a right to their life." The first demonstrates the transitory nature of gender(s) summed up in another phrase that begs to be deprogrammed: "life-style options." The second is a horrible impersonation of a grammatically correct sentence.

I take heart that Dr. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, when she wrote her tome of a book about the presidential elite, mentioned in the opening that after 100 pages, "he/she" for every generic "he" was ungangly at best and Dr. Angelia Means (of Dartmouth) uses the generic "he" when speaking about universal principles. Without further ado, I submit this for your humor and edification:

Old Terms
1. conservative
2. The Establishment
3. hearing person
4. sighted person
5. blind
6. mute
7. deaf
8. dead
9. alive
10. ugly
11. fat
12. heavy-set
13. rude
14. psychopath
15. crooked
16. klutzy
17. bald
18. short
19. non-white, non-male
20. white
21. white male
22. black
23. asian
24. afro-american
25. minority group
26. black
27. Chicano
28. weird green freak
29. female
30. drooling drunk idiot
31. minority group
32. group of blacks
33. group of whites
34. woman
35. women
36. girl
37. man
38. boy
39. pregnancy
40. janitor
41. disabled car
42. dish washer
43. dairy
44. ranch
45. egg ranch
46. biology department
47. fishing
48. farming
49. nhl hockey
50. paper bag

New Terms
1. reactionary
2. White Power Elite
3. temporarily aurally abled
4. temporarily visually abled
5. visually challenged
6. vocally challenged
7. aurally challenged
8. metabolically different
9. temporarily metabolically abled
10. aesthetically challenged
11. gravitationally challenged
12. people of mass
13. politically correct (tm)
14. socially misaligned
15. ethically challenged
16. kinesthetically challenged
17. follicularly challenged
18. differently statured
19. oppressed
20. melanin impoverished / genetically oppressive
21. oppressor
22. african-american
23. asian-american
24. african-american
25. numerically challenged group
26. person of color
27. person of color
28. person of color
29. person of gender
30. person on floor
31. under-represented population
32. under-represented population of persons of color
33. L.A.P.D.
34. womyn
35. wymin
36. pre-womyn
37. oppressor
38. oppressor-to-be
39. parasitic oppression
40. sanitation engineer
41. mechanically challenged car
42. utensil sanitizer
43. where cows are raped
44. where cattle are murdered
45. where hens are raped
46. where animals are tortured and murdered to fulfill sadistic fantasies of white male scientist lackeys of imperialist drug companies
47. raping the oceans
48. exploiting mother earth
49. uniformed fascists vying for superiority
50. processed tree carcass

Many of the labels from the 80's are now passe. Here is a partial list of the denotations that are now acceptable (all labels are subject to change without notice).
old 80's 90's

deaf hearing impaired aurally challenged
blind sight impaired visually challenged
retarded mentally handicapped mentally challenged
queer gay/homosexual queer (strange but true)
fat big boned alternative body image

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